Monday, March 31, 2008


I'm sitting here in front of my computer staring into the screen as if at some point it is going to give me an interesting story to tell. The headphones are pinching my ears as the media player spits out random tunes into my head where I seem to have no ideas for this blog. Then the next track plays and it is a cut off of Erykah Badu's new joint called "That Hump". Eryka sang to my soul tonight.

The lyrics go this way --
"Lord knows/Lord knows I'm trying/Say that I'm tired of this dope/But it make
it better/But it's dragging me lower and I know it/Lord knows/but if I could get
over that hump/Then maybe I will feel better maybe I won't"

"Say that I'm tired of this dope". I had to rewind this song several times. The words are so true. Replace the word dope with whatever your issue is and their is your life singing out of these headphones. Everyone has a hump in life that they need to get over. Whether it be emotional, financial, physical or mental, we all face that hump everyday.

Every now and then the pressure of the world seems to suffocate us and bring down our spirit. I suppose life would be too easy if not for the existence of this pressure, but how do you escape? Especially when the hand you've been dealt is not necessarily a winning hand in the first place.

Writing is my answer. It is the only talent I possess that allows for relief from the world's pressure and help me get over that hump. What's yours? Catch ya' on the FLIPSIDE.