Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Seven years ago, the United States saw the twin towers in New York be destroyed by two kamikaze airplanes. Those planes had been taken over by Al Qaeda terrorists whose main purpose in life was to complete this mission. When those towers went down, so did the pride of America. What went up, instead, was our guard. We were now aware that terrorist attacks were not just something that happens in foreign countries - they can happen right here.

Immediately following 9/11, America went through a healing process that surprised even ourselves. For once, we were Americans. We helped one another, regardless of race, class or education. For that healing time, we were all equal - all Americans. To be honest, that felt good. For a little while I put my struggles of racism and inequalities behind me and finally felt what it was really like to be American. I was proud.

Then four years later, we had forgotten. The waters from Katrina's fearsome rains had left most of New Orleans under water. The government in return, left most of New Orleans impoverished communities to fend for themselves while gathering atop roof tops to avoid the water that had turned the 9th ward into a swamp as high as a two level building. Four years prior, we were all Americans, but today we were divided once again as President Bush flew over the disaster area without stopping to reassure those Americans that help was on the way. Perhaps that's because help wasn't on the way.

Who knows why Bush didn't land in New Orleans? Who knows why there are still houses in the ninth ward outfitted with large red X's on them from when the aftermath was being searched for remains of poor folks who didn't escape before Katrina washed them away three years ago? Who knows why some of the 9th ward looks like the water just receded yesterday and clean-up efforts won't begin until next week? Seven years later we have forgotten. Even though, on many monuments throughout New York we vowed never to do as such. We Will Never Forget. Remember 9/11. Catch ya' on the FLIPSIDE.