Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Saturday, the AT&T in Roseville, MI was visited by CoCo and others from WJLB, a popular urban radio station out of Detroit. The radio station was brought in to help bring traffic into the store where, in comparison to last year, the sales have fallen off a bit. The radio station gave away tickets to the Katt Williams New Year's Eve comedy show as well as an advanced screening of "Seven Pounds" starring Will Smith. The advanced screening will be at 7:30p Wednesday evening.
The event brought in a lot of traffic, yet the increased traffic did not transform into increased sales. The radio station also gave away two $100 gift cards as well as a new AT&T smartphone.

The afternoon was filled with fun though, where contestants had to compete in karaoke to win Katt Williams tickets. Some of the contestants could sing, but some of them were just willing to do anything to get those tickets.

CoCo definitely made the afternoon interesting and crowd was persistent while the radio station broadcast from the AT&T sales floor. However, the fact remains that the sales did not receive a major boost because of it.

It is just an obvious sign of how tough the economy is these days. Some people are losing their jobs. The others, who still have their jobs are holding on to their money in hopes of a rebounding economy. The pressures of the two allow for a decline in sales across the board, ultimately making retail jobs as tough as the auto industry. Catch ya' on the FLIPSIDE.

Monday, December 1, 2008


Are today's athletes living in fear? More and more, the news of athletes being caught with guns is becoming an everyday thing. Most recently Plaxico Burress was charged with possession of a fire arm after accidentally shooting himself at a night club in Manhattan.

Athletes are not allowed to have firearms with them at the facilities in which they practice or play. This is a situation that some NFL players have said makes them feel uncomfortable. It leaves them in a situation of vulnerability, whereas criminals know there are no guns on premises and the robbery could go that much easier.

The murders of Sean Taylor and Darrent Williams initially sparked the players' unrest and doubt of their overall security. Taylor, probably the most frightening story, because the fatal shooting took place inside his home in Florida.

The high profiles of these athletes is no secret when their salaries and estimated worth are publicized on television, in print and on the internet. Should these athletes be afraid? Should these athletes be able to defend themselves? Catch ya' on the FLIPSIDE.