Friday, April 9, 2010

FLIPSIDE - Healthcare for all of us

More affordable health insurance. New competitive market or health insurance. More than 90% of Americans will be insured. Those sound like great ideas. In a society where so much is at stake, any relief would more than likely be received with open arms. So you would think.

President Obama’s plan for healthcare reform suggests that these will be the feasible outcomes of the government’s implemented plan of healthcare. However, the satisfaction of knowing that those who at one time were uninsurable will now have a chance to have insurance to assist in there health and well being is just not enough for some.

Some say that the government is forcing their brand of insurance on Americans. Unfortunately, I think it’s just a case of the have’s and have not’s. It’s a belittling idea, but the truth of the matter is that rich and upper-class society find it despicable to share a small slice of their existence with a person in need right here in our own country. Oddly enough, we contribute billions of dollars to a war torn foreign country that I have yet to figure out the role and purpose we have in that country.

What about our deprived here at home? Who is contributing to their well being? It is not acceptable to think that because I have insurance, that anyone who does not have insurance has had the same opportunities that I’ve had. It is deplorable to feel that in this supposed land of opportunity that there is no opportunity realistically, if a certain class of people decide against it. How much have we truly progressed? Catch ya' on the FLIPSIDE.