Wednesday, October 8, 2008


On Sunday, September 28th, Obama and Biden held a rally in downtown Detroit and luckily I was able to be a part of it. Normally I am working on Sundays, but this week I was off and even though I wanted to get some rest that day, I motivated myself to go. It’s almost a shame that I had to motivate myself to join in on what is already an event with major historical implications. With that in mind, I headed downtown to be a part of history.

Once I was there, I could hardly believe the amount of people who were attending. The parking wasn’t too bad, but the walk from those parking spots made me rethink rather getting a glimpse at the future was suffice to have my neck beaten upon severely by the sun. Nevertheless, I was determined.

After bending the corner from behind the DIA building, I was greeted by Obama buttons, tees and even photos. The crowd stirred about anxiously, waiting on Obama, with the sun determined to send people packing. Oddly enough though, no one was complaining.

Finally, Obama took the stage and the estimated crowd of over 30,000 went crazy. Obama started his speech welcoming Detroit and kept the audience alive with some jokes about himself. Then he went into it. He touched on the economic situation as well as education, the two most vital components in determining whether a middle-class citizen fails or succeeds.

“Even if you can’t own a business, then maybe your son or daughter can.” Obama said. “Even if you’re from a small village, then maybe your son could be running for President of the United States.”

Simply put, Obama and his administration are pushing for a system that will allow for the dream of America to once again be tangible and that American dream cannot and will not be tangible without the middle and working-class citizens that the Obama administration is fighting to return a voice to.

After the rally was over and Woodward began to look like a street again as opposed stadium seating, I gathered my things with a new sense of hope. A feeling that perhaps the government may actually represent the communities that it governs - this time around. Catch ya’ on the FLIPSIDE.